solid bricks for walls; specific for “rigid” insulating panels. For solid bricks we suggest to make ø 11 mm or ø 12 holes mm.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

NF46002E° 10 x 70 mmA B C D E500 pz.AKI0379901
NF46003E° 10 x 90 mmA B C D E500 pz.AKI0380001
NF46004E° 10 x 110 mmA B C D E500 pz.AKI0380101
NF46005E° 10 x 130 mmA B C D E250 pz.AKI0380201
NF46006E° 10 x 150 mmA B C D E250 pz.AKI0380301
NF46007E° 10 x 180 mmA B C D E250 pz.AKI0380401
NF46008E° 10 x 210 mmA B C D E200 pz.AKI0380501
NF46009E° 10 x 240 mmA B C D E200 pz.AKI0380601