hollow and solid brick, for walls and floors.

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NF01005screwless° 5x25 mm21.600 pz.200 pz.AKI000050
NF01006screwless° 6x30 mm21.600 pz.200 pz.AKI000060
NF01007screwless° 8x40 mm11.200 pz.200 pz.AKI000070
NF01008screwless° 10x50 mm6.000 pz.200 pz.AKI000080
Industrial screwless
NF01009Industrial screwless° 5x25 mm60.000 pz.AKI000090
NF01010Industrial screwless° 6x30 mm32.000 pz.AKI000100
NF01011Industrial screwless° 8x40 mm15.000 pz.AKI000110
NF01012Industrial screwless° 10x50 mm6.000 pz.AKI000120
NF01001screw° 5x25 mm7.200 pz.200 pz.AKI000010
NF01002screw° 6x30 mm7.200 pz.200 pz.AKI000020
NF01003screw° 8x40 mm4.000 pz.200 pz.AKI000030
NF01004screw° 10x50 mm4.000 pz.200 pz.AKI000040